Improved Cost Control

We, as Architects, are acutely aware of how design affects building costs since we are directly involved with the all aspects of all our projects.
Our design + build process allows us to develop an estimate as the design progresses. This allows scope and design decisions to be made based on tangible information. 

A Quick Transition From Design to Construction

Once the plans are complete, we are ready to build.
Alternatively, when you hire an architect, this stage can take quite a while as: contractors are interviewed, bids and subcontractor bids are secured, estimates roll in, and plans are modified or even re-designed to fit the budget.
The advantage of an in-house Architect is that we transition your project smoothly from design to construction without a hitch.

Improved Design and Communication

With the Architect and Builder sharing an office, we are in constant communication from the very beginning. Design ideas are quickly vetted and expanded on with our team's input.
The production manager is closely involved with design creation to ensure the design is “build-able”. The Architect is closely involved with your project to ensure all design details are properly executed. 

More Accountability

When design and construction are managed by separate companies, issues that arise may lead to finger pointing. This can result in the client picking up the tab for increased construction costs due to errors or omissions made by the designer, architect, or contractor.
Since both the design and construction of your project are handled by one firm, there is greater accountability for all aspects of the project. As the Architect and the builder of the project, the responsibility to fix any issues lies with us, eliminating finger-pointing.